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Vladimir Lubomirov graduated from Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics (LITMO) and from Manchester Business School. Having spent a significant amount of time working in design, he headed up several major developing projects, dedicating almost twenty years to this area. Amongst his achievements is the Terijoki Yacht Club in Zelenogorsk.

Vladimir discovered sailing in 1995, after he experienced windsurfing. This new hobby manifested itself particularly in classic yacht racing. After gaining significant experience, Vladimir progressed to the Dragon Class. He has participated in both the Dragon Gold and Silver Cups and he currently competes in the Dragon Class in their Russian championships. One of Vladimir’s latest passions is seaplanes; significantly, when designing the Hercules Yacht Harbour, he established the facilities necessary for this vessel. Summer flying school has since been opened on the premises of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club.

Amongst the goals of the Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, the Commodore places particular importance on developing youth level sailing in Saint Petersburg. The Club organises a series of youth regattas and open championships, involving trips for the students to Russian and international competitions. 



Victor Los, founder of the Parusnik sport club, became a member of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club in 2008. He started sailing in 2003 when he made a voyage on an L6 yacht. Subsequently, he formed a crew with whom he participated in various Russian and international competitions. In 2006, he met Oleg Chugunov, Senior Coach of the Higher School of Sportmanship, who helped Victor satisfy a long-term ambition. This dream was to make yachting a freely available sport, and to establish a sailing school for children. This school is now the largest of its kind in north-west Russia.

“Our goal is to inspire children to sail, and to develop young captains of the sea. We teach our youth to understand the elements, encouraging them be thoughtful, self-disciplined and responsible. Children gaining such an experience will grow into well-rounded individuals, eventually able to captain successfully their own lives.”