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The history of the majority of yacht clubs in the world started with a group of people, who were interested in sailing and spent time sailing together or organizing sailing races for their own entertainment, and then formalized their activity by creating a yacht club. It often happened so that just three or five people, who were united by the ties of friendship and love to the sea, stood at the origins of the clubs with thousands of members today. Being a member of a yacht club has always meant to belong to a group of people, united by common interests in sailing sport in all of its aspects and to interact with each other. And so it shall be.

We understand our club as a sailing center, where people can spend time comfortably with family and friends: they can come together and go sailing on a yacht, let the kids learn windsurfing or kite surfing, call their friends and invite them to a local restaurant in the evening.

Today, there are enough facilities and resources at the territory of our Yacht Club to make people familiar with the sea and sailing, to fill their lives with new aspects of nautical culture and recreation. Our Yacht Club will grow and develop, establishing its own traditions, creating its own culture for the members, developing external relation, gibing us all the reasons to be proud to be the members of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club.

Elizaveta Zolotareva

Club Members Manager


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