Doors Open Day was successfully organized in the Sailing Academy



Doors Open Day was successfully organized in the Sailing Academy on the 17th of September. The day turned out to be truly cozy and simple – visitors came with all their family members!

According to the Head of the Academy’s HR Department Anastasia Kodaneva, they chose Sunday, September 17, for a reason: “Autumn is a perfect time to start your journey in the world of sailing. Sailing is a technically difficult sport, so children are usually required to have thorough theoretical and physical basis to actually start the process of sailing. The newbies undergo special training for the next summer season in autumn and winter: they get familiar with the basics of hydrometeorology, learn how sails work, how to tie nautical knots, study the rules of sailing races, improve their physical state and coordination during team games and trainings with Body Conditioning Trainer. When they shift to practical part, this allows them to act properly: both in tactics and technics, let alone good physical shape, that they develop in winter.”

But let’s come back to the Doors Open Day. There were several classes for children of different ages at the territory of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, where the Sailing Academy is located: from purely entertaining classes to educational and training ones. Several simulators for training were presented in the central building: a unique SAILINGMAKER, where you can fully feel like a participant of a race on Optimist boat, the most wide-spread yacht class for children. Young visitors could also try a windsurfing board simulator that was located next to it. The bravest ones tried a special simulator of trapeze sailing technique, which was similar to the trapeze, used at Skiffs (classes 29 and 49) and 420-470. That simulator was located a little bit further. A big fan blew the air strongly, making a scene even more realistic, as it resembled real wind in the sea.

At the same time, there was a quiz for clever-heads. All those who guessed the answers to the questions, which were sometimes not evident even for experienced sportsmen, received prizes. The organizers made an exciting quest at the rest of the Yacht Club territory, including the schooner Nadezhda and, of course, there were also prizes for all the participants. Outdoors, everyone interested could get acquainted with the main yacht classes that are used by the students of the Academy during trainings and races: Rocket-270, 420, 470, Laser 4.7. Thanks to a good weather it was possible to demonstrate in action a unique project of the Academy, called MALISH, for children from 4.5 to 5.5 years old. The youngest visitors even went for a ride on boats that are smaller copies of Optimists. What can be more pleasant than to try real sailing, even if it is in a swimming pool! The children were absolutely thrilled about what they had seen, let alone their parents. However, when we asked “Do you like sailing? What did you like most here?” many children were undecided, but it’s not surprising: children rarely act consciously at such a young age (most of the small sea conquerors were between 7 and 11 years old), and the initiative belongs to their parents in the majority of cases.

However, a good rule of a thumb is that it doesn't stop many of them from becoming professional athletes as time goes by, for whom yachting is a lifelong love. In dry terms of figures: we had more than 500 visitors at the event, 127 preliminary applications for training were made, and 35 visitors brought the full sets of documents. This means, we can expect new stars among our young Academy members to appear in the next season. There shall be yachting for children in Saint Petersburg! 

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