Commander-in-chief of the russian navy drove the last nail into the skin of the ship poltava



The last plank of the external skin was installed on the replica of the battle ship Poltava on the 31st of March, which is under construction now. Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Navy Vladimir Korolev participated in the solemn ceremony. He personally drove a nail into the last plank of the ship's skin.

“We are present at the unique event both for Saint Petersburg and the Russian Navy. We look with admiration at the results of work of our shipbuilders, historians of the Navy and have a chance to travel three centuries back to the time of the great deeds of Peter I. It’s important to preserve our own history, because everything started with a sail”, - Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Navy said during the solemn ceremony.

The cadets of Kronstadt Naval College, military personnel of the United Training Center of the Russian Navy, students of the navy schools, military orchestra, and employees of the historical shipyard Poltava participated at the solemn ceremony.

The ceremony of the installation of the last plank in the skin of the battleship Poltava on the shipyard with the same name took place according to the historically established tradition. At all times, when tall wooden ships were constructed, it was customary to organize a holiday on the occasion of the installation of the last plank. It took a long time to do the external skin of a ship, so it was important to celebrate the end of this stage of construction. As a rule, the ship builders invited honorary guests to install the last plank. Admirals, famous sailors, sponsors, ship patrons became honorary guests at different times. They believed, it would bring good luck to a ship, and its shell will always be rigid. During the ceremony, the guests made parting speeches to a ship.


The battleship Poltava is now being prepared for the launch, which will take place on the 27th of May. After the launch, it will take 8 more months to finish the construction. This will be the time, when the shipbuilders will finish the interior design, as well as set the masts, rigs, and sails.

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