The results of sochi regatta and the second stage of russia's cup in opympic yacht classes



The second in succession stage of Russia's Cup in Olympic yacht classes finished on the 30th of March, which was held at the same time as Sochi Regatta. The competitions were organized in the water area near one of the main sailing centers of the country – federal state budget-financed organization Yug.

According to judge Elena Tokareva, 290 sportsmen participated in the competitions in 15 yacht classes :

Nakra 17 – mixed – 2 teams, 49 - 10 teams, 49FX - 3 teams, 470 - 22 teams, Laser Standard - 14 sportsmen, Laser Radial - 16 sportsmen, Finn – 12 sportsmen, RS:X women - 5 sportswomen, RS:X men – 1sportsmen, 29 - 10 teams, 420 - 17 teams, Laser 4.7 - 57 sportsmen, Laser Radial (junior) – 26 sportsmen, Techno U15 - 8 sportsmen, Techno U17 -10 racers.

Neither sportsmen, nor trainers liked the weather this time: it was cold, rainy, and the wind was unstable: from windless conditions to gusting wind up to 10 m/s. All that often transformed the racing into a lucky draw and had a significant impact on the fact, that it was not clear, who was going to win a regatta, till the very last moment in the majority of yacht classes.


One more important thing: the second stage of Russia's Cup also became the first qualification phase for young sportsmen and juniors to the touring team of Russia, going to the Championships of Europe and the World, and Sochi regatta was a qualification phase to the European and World Competitions for all the sportsmen, competing in non-Olympic classes. The second qualification phase will take place in Taganrog at the beginning of May. The sportsmen, who will take the first places in their classes after two phases, will join the teams.


The representatives of one of the best sailing schools of the country – Sailing Academy of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – performed successfully, having won 3 gold medals and one bronze in Olympic classes and one gold and 4 silver medals in classes, preceding the Olympic classes.


In class 49, Artyom Sudakov and Alexander Moskvichev from Sailing Academy confidently won the competition thanks to a great pre-seasonal training together with the team of Russia. For example, according to Varvara Chekh, the trainer of Sailing Academy, our young sportsmen performed quite well even on the last day of the competitions, when the wind was quite fresh, though it had been their weak point before. Ivan Volchkov – the newcomer in the class – has also demonstrated quite a good result – the fifth place. He raced with Ilya Ganeev.


Alexander Moskvichev, sail trimmer of the winning crew: “We prepared more seriously for the competitions than our competitors: we installed the combat equipment, set ourselves up for a victory, whereas they decided not to install their best sails for this regatta.

It helped us win quite a lot, despite the fact that there was a strong wind during the regatta. We usually race better, when the wind is weak.

As our equipment was brand new, we had to get used to it right during the race. It was not easy, because we had had different mast and sails before, which had been set differently.

Our good winter training with the main team of Russia also helped us win. Thanks to a training camp in Spain in January and February, we have stayed fit and managed to improve our skills.”

Ivan Volchkov, sportsman of Sailing Academy, who has just moved to 49er this year speaks about the results of the competitions: “It was raining non-stop, we often spent 7 hours on water. The weather was really harsh. We were always in top three on the first mark, but the second maneuvering was often not successful – we let other guys outperform us. We got the feel of it by the end of regatta. That’s why our finishes were better on the last day.

Of course, we need to spend more time in water – we keep mastering the technical skills, after the 29 I fail to turn my head quickly enough on this big “bucket”...”


Denis Makarov and Kirill Yelchaninov (Moscow/Tolyatti) took the second place, the leaders of the previous year Nikita Ushkov and Kirill Boboshko (Moscow) became only third.


In class 470 among men, the recently composed crew of Sailing Academy made up of Christian Check and Viktor Tarasov received gold at the finish of the competition having finished first two times in the last two races. Timofey Grigorin-Ryabov and Lyudmila Timoshina (Moscow/Sebastopol) went down to the second place, Andrey Tukalov and Andrey Yadrin (Sebastopol) took the third place.


In class 470, Elizaveta Bondarenko and Kristina Deryagina from Sailing Academy performed not so successfully, having taken only the sixth place. 1. Olga Shoykhet and Anastasiya Pustynnikova (Moscow/Dolgoprudniy). 2. Anastasiya Krivtsova and Alexandra Bilyk (Minsk, Belarus) 3. Alisa Franik and Valentina Lyubimova (Sochi).


The experiences Natalya Ganzhenko from Sochi won in Laser Radial class among girls, having demonstrated excellent finishes in the last racing days. Valeria Lomatchenko from Azov received silver, one of the youngest participants in this class Elizaveta Borovkova from Sailing Academy is on the third place.


As for class 49FX, the mixed crew, consisting of Marina / Angelina Markova (Sailing Academy, Saint Petersburg / Tolyatti) won with 4 first finished in the last 4 races (!). Marina Taran thinks that she burnt out a little bit at the start of the regatta. That was why her finishes were not so successful at the beginning of the competitions.


2. Anastasiya Mogilnaya / Olga Knipovich (Tolyatti) - 5. 3. Anastasiya Voronkova / Mariya Okhvat (Tolyatti / Azov) - 7.


Laser Standard

1. Eduard Skornyakov (Sochi). 2. Anatoliy Matyushin (Taganrog). 3. Anatoliy Korshikov.



1. Evgeniy Deev (Sebastopol). 2. Ilya Malyshenko (Taganrog). 3. Konstantin Lashuk.


Nakra 17 – Mixed

1. Olesya Zhukova and Maxim Sudachkov (Tolyatti). 2. Andrey Yakhontov and Sofia Kiseleva (Rostov-on-Don).


RSX. Men
1. Andrey Zagainov (Sochi). 2. Ilya Kirichuk (Taganrog). 3. Vasiliy Tunkin (Moscow).


RSX. Women

1. Olga Gorbatikh (Sebastopol). 2. Anna Khvorikova (Saint Petersburg, Krestovskiy Island) - 7. 3. Polina Firsova (Sochi).

Sochi Regatta


Nikita Melnikov – one more representative of Sailing Academy – took the second place in Laser Radial class among boys, being outperformed only by the team's leader Kirill Tereshkin from Krasnodar. Semyon Mekhanikov from Rostov-on-Don went down to the second place, though he had been leading in the first days of the competitions. Semyon Patrikeev performed quite well on his level, having taken the sixth place – he lacked a little bit of practice before the season to climb higher. Unfortunately, the broken equipment did not let Peter Borovkov finish the competitions.


Mark Pavlov and Viktor Plekhanov from Sailing Academy did not skip a beat in class 420 among boys. The strong wind helped them on the last day. 2. Denis Lepin and Mikhail Karelin (Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region). 3. Nikita Elyasin and Ilya Lazdin (Tolyatti).

Mark Pavlov from Sailing Academy – winner of Sochi Regatta in class 420: “Sochi is best remembered for difficult weather conditions: both strong and weak winds were blowing, it was not clear till the last moment, who was going to win the regatta. All the participants gave it their all and did not want to loose. Plus we were definitely lucky with the weather on the last day. Our crew weighs about 25 kg more than others, so the 8-9 m/s wind allowed us to win. As for competitors, I’d say the crews of Nikita Elyasin and Denis Lepin stood out. Now we are planning to go to Taganrog to the second phase of qualification to the team of Russia – we want to go to the European Competition this year”.

One more team, consisting of the younger sportsmen Artyom Kuzmin and Miron Gorkovenko (Sailing Academy, Saint Petersburg / Tolyatti), vice versa, couldn't keep the fourth place in the conditions of the strong wind and went down to the sixth place.


Olga Bartseva and Tatyana Golozubova from Sailing Academy became second in class 420 among girls, being outperformed only by Anastasia Sumarokova and Polina Sukhova (Tolyatti). Darya Galustova and Sofya Kuznetsova from Sochi received bronze.


As for class Laser 4.7, Vladimir Novoselov was close to taking a place in top three, but became only fourth among boys. One more student of Sailing Academy – Matvey Lobanov – took the tenth place. Sergey Doroshenko (Rostov-on-Don). 2. Dmitriy Golovkin (Moscow) 3. Ilya Vyunov (Voronezh).


Vladimir Novoselov – a sportsman of Sailing Academy – competing in Laser 4.7 class:

“My task for Sochi was to recall as many different tactical and technical elements as possible to demonstrate better results at the competitions in the future.


First, I couldn't even start well, later I began to start better, but another problem popped out – lack of speed after the start. So even if I started well, I lost my position in a couple of seconds because my speed was not high enough. When I figured out how to keep the speed, I started to work on the tactics, mastered maneuvering and so on. I tried to resolve my problems one by one. It was hard, but I recalled a lot of things by the end of the regatta and I began to do all the tactic and technical elements much better.


It's hard to say, whom I took as my main opponent. The main group of leaders – Sergey Doroshenko, Ilya Vyunov, Dmitriy Golovkin, Elizaveta Voloshina were near me in every race in the majority of cases. I positioned myself among them, compared the speed, watched where Dmitriy mastered the wave better, where it was Elizaveta, and who mastered the left sight of the maneuvering, gybe and so on better.


My plans for the future are to demonstrate better results, to get ready for the World Championship after the Championship of Europe, where I am going in a couple of days.»


Kristina Freigang with the same number of points as the bronze-winner took the fourth place among girls. 1. Elizaveta Voloshina (Taganrog). 2. Polina Soloveichik (Krestovskiy Island, Saint Petersburg). 3. Angelina Lomakina (Kamyshin, Volgograd region).


In class 29, Rodion Brovin and Ivan Sologubov from Sailing Academy demonstrated a good result – they took the third place in the overall standing and the second place among boys. 1. Roman Grankin and Pavel Lyapenko (Moscow). 2. Rodion Brovin and Ivan Sologubov (Sailing Academy, Saint Petersburg). 3. Natalya Ermakova and Artyom Maksin (Tolyatti).


As for girls, Maria Sirotina and Ulyana Volskaya performed a little bit worse, having taken the fifth place. 1. Elena Obedzinskaya and Polina Nizhnikova (Moscow/Tolyatti). 2. Viktoria Liksanova and Polina Pereshivkina (Moscow). 3. Anastasia Mayorova and Anastasia Aleynik (Azov).


The only female windsurfer from Sailing Academy at these competitions Anastasia Shсhedrina made an excellent performance and won silver in class Techno U17 among girls.


Anastasia Shchedrina: “Sochi regatta was special for me, because it was my first time in Sochi. There was always a competition among the top three girls throughout the whole regatta, at any type of weather. The next important competitions will be in Yeysk from May 1 to May 8, where all the windsurfers will go.”


1. Yulia Kavalerchik (Krestovskiy Island, Saint Petersburg). 2. Anastasia Shchedrina (Sailing Academy, Saint Petersburg). 3. Violetta Maystrenko (Krasnodar).


Techno U15. Boys

1. Danila Dineev (Meleuz, Bashkortostan). 2. Ivan Kovbasyuk (Sebastopol). 3. Kirill Zyubenko (Temryuk, Krasnodar Region).


Techno U15. Girls

1. Polina Ovchinnikova (Temryuk, Krasnodar Region). 2. Anna Slyusareva (Temryuk, Krasnodar Region). 3. Sofya Mashtakova (Sochi).


Techno U17. Boys. After 4 races with 1 exclusion

1. Artyom Shipulin (Sochi). 2. Kirill Naumovets (Krestovskiy Island, Saint Petersburg). 3. Alexander Khristianovskiy (Taganrog).

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