Dmitriy Samokhin lost mast but kept medal of international dragon class cup in Italy   



The traditional Dragon class regatta - Paul&Shark Dragon Cup – finished dramatically on the 25th of March in the Italian San Remo. According to the results of the competition, despite the loss of a mast, the team of Dmitriy Samokhin – current Champion of Russia, racing under the pennant of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, took the second place.

The traditional spring meeting of Dragon class fleet in San Remo brought together about 40 renowned teams. The winner of San Remo 2014 – Samokhin’s team – hasn’t participated in the regatta for several years, but in 2018 the decision was taken to return and participate in two phases of the Italian series, where Dragon Cup was the first.

The competition took place in the conditions of fresh wind mostly, leading to high waves. The organizers managed to held 5 races in 4 days.

Dmitriy Samokhin’s, Andrey Kirilyuk’s, and Alexey Bushuev’s Rocknrolla came to the start of the final race as a leader of the standing. However, something unexpected happened.

The wind was almost 30 knots during the final race, so the racing committee decided to make the distance shorter. Unfortunately, right after the installation of spinnaker, the mast fell down at Rocknrolla

Samokhin's team turned out to have 10 points in total. Provezza Sailing Dragon Team, racing under the Turkish flag, gained the same number of points (Andy Beadsworth, Ali Tezdiker and Simon Fry) – and exactly this team became the winner of the regatta, as it finished first in the last race.

The German Cameleer (Marcus Brenneke, Jochen Schumann, Ingo Borlowski) is on the third place with 13 point. The English yacht Fever (Klaus Diederichs, Diego Negri, Jamie Lee) and Russian Annapurna (Anatoliy Loginov, Vadim Statsenko, Alexander Shalagin) have the same number of points, taking the fourth and fifth places correspondedntly.

“Despite the loss of a mast, we demonstrated a good result, - Dmitriy Samokhin says, - it was important for us after the failure at Cannes Gran Prix at the beginning of March. We are now planning to participate in the second phase of the Italian series, which will be held in Alassio. And of course, the Championship of Europe in Hungary at the end of May”.

Full results of Paul&Shark Dragon Cup 

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