The renewed team of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and Sailing Academy made a successful debut in the National Sailing League. According to the results of the first phase, which took place in Sochi on March 22-25, Anna Basalkina's team finished sixth.

“Our result can be regarded from two points of view, - instructor and helmsperson of the team Anna Basalkina comments. – Of course, if we compare it with the start of season 2017, the progress is evident. On the other hand, we had all the chances to win a medal, but made a mistake in the final race, plus the recalculation of the final flight was very much not in our favor.”

The prizewinners of NSL 2017 – the team of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – started with a renewed team in the new season. In addition to Anna Basalkina, the team was comprised of multiple champions and prizewinners of the Championships of Russia in classes 49er and 470 – brothers Yan and Christian Chekh, as well as young sportsman Viktor Tarasov.

Already in the first start in Sochi, the Club's and Academy's team demonstrated its potential, having finished second. Later, exceptionally light and unstable winds prevented it from further improvement of its position, but according to the second day of the competitions Basalkina's team climbed to the first line of the intermediate standing.

“Despite the difficult conditions, we managed to find “our game” in Sochi, we interacted well, though there were three helmspersons on board as a matter of fact, - Basalkina continues, - the guys adapted to a situation perfectly well and were focused.»

However, they did not manage to keep the result in the final day of the competition. Already in the first race, the Club's and Academy's team was only the sixth at the finish. “The wind strengthened and hushed down several times during the race, there was even a change in the position of the upper mark, - Basalkina comments, - we did not sort out the situation very well”.

The team managed to improve its position in the next race – it finished third, though it was second at the distance. The Club's and Academy's Team climbed to the forth line.

«We received the most disappointing 6 points as an average result for the 32 flight, which was not fulfilled completely, which means we did not go to water, – the experienced sportswoman complains, - such situations are always not pleasant, because if the race had taken place, we could have improved the situation. But it is as it is – we will keep fighting, because the whole season is ahead of us».

The winner of the first phase of NSL 2018 Highest Division is Igor Rytov's team. Art-tub and Lord of Sail – Europe from Yekaterinburg also won medals. The team of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and Sailing Academy finished the phase on the sixth place.

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