The races of the fourth stage of 44 Cup 2019 finished on the 6th of October in the water area of Cascais near Lisbon. According to the results of 12 races during four days, Team Nika, racing under the flag of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club, won a silver medal. It is the third silver medal in 2019 for Vladimir Prosikhin’s crew and a good chance to become an overall winner of the season.  



After a long break, the fourth stage of 44 Cup in Cascais was anxiously awaited. The reason for it was Hurricane Lorenzo, which was raging in the Azores. Luckily, the worries did not materialize. The hurricane went to the north, but sent its greetings to the water area of the races in the form of unusually high waves and abnormally light wind. That combination became a theme tune of the first half of the competitions. By the end of the stage, the wind became stronger, transferring into the windstorm and changing the character of the waves. The tournament table changed together with the weather.  

The early leader of the event was Charisma, led by the winner of season 2018 Niko Poons and racing under the flag of Monaco. However, on the second day already, the Dutch veteran Poons had to make a room at the first line for the World Champions Team Aqua, gaining momentum. Later on, the Brits only strengthened their dominion and finally won with a comfortable margin of eight points. Charisma, in its turn, “bore a blow” and finished third, having demonstrated one of its best results of the season, though it’s not about the repetition of success story 2018.



The third silver medal of Team Nika this year looks even more remarkable against the backdrop of the neighbors on the podium. The team started with the forth line in Cascais, and climbed to the top three only after the third day of races, having finished it with a long-awaited victory in the race. The margin from the chasers was not large, that was why Vladimir Prosikhin played safe on the decisive day: two victories and a finish at the fifth place. As a matter of fact, this result makes Team Nika almost the only competitor of Team Aqua in the battle for the highest title of 44 Cup 2019.

Other Russian teams also deserved attention. Bronenosec Team was improving its result, gradually adapting to the conditions. Kirill Frolov’s crew shared the fifth line with Artemis Racing and Tavatuy Sailing Team with a triple tie-break after the second day. Frolov managed to get out of this situation in the best way: Bronenosec Team was going forth before the final races, having chances to fight for a place in the top three.  But the last day turned out to be not very successful.



Bronenosec Team started well in the first race, but went too far to the right and let some of the competitors through. The team was fourth at the mark rounding and finished third. Then there were finishes at the sixth and seventh places, plus a penalty point in a controversial incident with the Swedish team Artemis Racing.  



“The day turned out to be emotional, and it had an impact on our actions, we felt that we could race well, our speed was high enough to be up there with the competitors, and the weather was definitely ours,  - the helmsman of Bronenosec Team Kirill Frolov comments the decisive day. – Two unsuccessful starts and several adventurous tactical decisions let us down. Plus that penalty point in the third race for an incident with the Swedes, which I cannot understand. But generally speaking, it was an event, where we were truly one team and worked together perfectly. There is dedication and hard work of the team behind this modest result.  I thank my team! And we are waiting for the next stage of competitions.”

Tavatuy Sailing Team from Ekaterinburg, which is having the first full season in the series, brought us joy with the victory in the race (the second in four stages) and two more finishes in top three. Their final result – the sixth line in Cascais.

The final stage of 44 Cup 2019 will take place in Mallorca, which will host the fleet of RC44 class for the first time from the 13th to the 17th of November.


44Cup Cascais results


«Ника» - трехкратный чемпион мира RC44, у «Броненосца» вторая бронза чемпионата подряд

«Броненосец» возглавил зачет чемпионата мира RC44 после первого дня. «Ника» - вторая

Кирилл Фролов о втором гоночном дне RC44 Cascais Cup


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