More than 120 students from Saint Petersburg took the sea at the historical sailing boat of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club – the schooner “Nadezhda” (“Hope” in Russian).

The program “Hope of the Seas” has upbrought dozens of young yachtsmen. Saint Petersburg Yacht Club opens new horizons for the students of Saint Petersburg. Voyages at a historical sailing boat is not a romantic allure of the books, but a real opportunity for them. Each participant of the program can dive into the world of the sea adventures for a week during the season and become a real sailor of the sailing fleet. The cadets, as the participants of the “Hope of the Seas” Program are called, live at the legendary schooner “Nadezhda”, following all the maritime rules: they are divided in shifts, work with the sails, learn how to work together in a team, and perform other tasks onboard of the ship.

“Traditions start with the sails. Saint Petersburg Yacht Club and the Foundation for the Support of Classical Yachts are here to preserve and develop such traditions. It is not our intention to make professional sailors out of the participants of the program. We want  to seed the love for the sea in them once and forever by giving them this adventure. Traditions don’t live without people, who preserve them”, the Chairman of the Foundation for Support, Reconstruction, and Revival of the Historical Boats and Classical Yachts Andrey Groshikov said.

The “Hope of the Seas” is first of all a social project. You can compare the life at the sailing boat with a compressed and scaled-down model of the world. 12 people – this is exactly the number of cadets, who put out to the sea at the schooner – live in the enclosed space, where there are special rules and laws, at the same time there is no opportunity to simply go home. The sailing ship is travelling in the sea, when sometimes you don’t see the shores, and each member of the crew is important. Thus, for example, it’s impossible to put up the sails without concerted efforts of the team. Onboard of the “Nadezhda”, the students learn how to work together in a team, take decisions and bear responsibility for them. The conditions, where the students find themselves, force them to think pout of the box. This training voyage opens new horizons not only in the sea, but also in life.

It is already the fourth year in a row, that  Saint Petersburg Yacht Club has been organizing the program of training voyages. The students of Saint Petersburg took the sea at the historical schooner for the first time  in 2015. Then a thorough overhaul of the historical sailing ship started: the specialists of the historical shipyard “Poltava” granted a new life and new horizons to the schooner “Nadezhda”. In 2017, the “Nadezhda” went out of the Gulf of Finland and participated in The Tall Ships Races, having sailed along the route Saint Petersburg – Kotka – Turku – Klaipeda – Saint Petersburg. In 2018 and 2019, the sailing boat made voyages in the water area of the Gulf of Finland. More than 500 people took the sea over this period of time.

Many cadets of  the “Hope of the Seas” fell in love with the sea after the training at the historical schooner. Thus, for example, the participants of the 2015 project, started to develop yachting in their university, others – joined the crews of the yachts of Saint Petersburg.

“In the sea means at home. I felt it for the first time, when I found myself at the schooner “Nadezhda. After a short training voyage, I was strongly determined not to stop with that. I gathered a team, and we have been restoring the yacht “Ost” for a year now”, the participant of the 2018 program Aleksey Nudelman said.

Since 2018, the cadets can join the volunteers’ movement of the Foundation. Together with the professional masters, they restore sailing yachts and prepare them for the sea voyages. Besides that, the Foundation gives a helping hand in the training of yacht captains and helmspersons.

In addition to the students of Saint Petersburg, the cadets of the Kronstadt Naval Corps, the cadets of the Nakhimov Naval School take the sea at the historical schooner. The members of the All-Russia “Young Army” National Military Patriotic Social Movement Association had an internship at the schooner “Nadezhda” for the first time this year. Saint Petersburg Yacht Club is currently the only organization, which can provide the facilities for the internship of the future sailors. The most demanded fleet of the sailing boats, suitable for the primary seamanship training, is concentrated here.


Schooner “Nadezhda”

The first name of the schooner was “Sterna”. It was built in 1912 as a fishing vessel in Holland. In 1927, the schooner was purchased by a ship owner from Hamburg, and later in 1936 it was bought by Felix Graf von Luckner. At the beginning of 1947, it was given to the detachment of the training ships of the Pre-Naval College, and later – to the Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School. For many years, the schooner was the main participant of the city festivities of the graduates “Scarlet Sails”.  The schooner “Nadezhda” is a training sailing boat of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club now.




The general partner of the program is PJSC Gazprom





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