All the sails were put up for the first time at the 54-gun ship-of-the-line of the 4th rank “Poltava” in a testing mode. The sails were swaying against the backdrop of the Lakhta Center. All the 10 sails with the total area of 1000 square meters were put up for the first time at the reconstructed sailing battleship of the time of Peter the Great “Poltava”.

“This occasion was planned for another day, but happened earlier, because the weather was perfect today and we were going slightly ahead of the schedule. When I was returning from a business trip, it was very pleasant for me to see not only the ship’s masts against the backdrop of the Lakhta Center, which is under construction, but also the full sails,” – the main constructor of the “Poltava” Mikhail Plekhanov said.

The sails were put up at the moored ship, when the wind was weak, to check the running rigging  – the ropes, with the help of which you can manage the sails, masts and spars. One more reason to hoist the sails in a testing mode was to train the crew. As the captain of the ship “Poltava” Maksim Korshunov said, the sails were put up in a routine operation. It took about an hour for a team of 10 people. That training gave an opportunity to the constructors to make sure that all the rigs and ropes of the ship are working fine and identify areas for improvement.

 “The way we put up the sails today is not different from the 18th century. We work with the sails only manually without the use of any auxiliary mechanic devices. The work is done by only sailors, blocks, and ropes,” – the captain of the ship “Poltava” Maksim Korshunov told us.

All the ship’s sails were hand-made in the sailing workshop of the historical shipbuilding yard “Poltava” of Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. Three hundred years ago, the sails were made of linen and hemp fiber of the best quality. A modern synthetic material was chosen for the ship “Poltava” this time, which looks almost like a natural sail-cloth, but at the same time it is stronger and lives longer.



We would like to remind you, that the reconstructed 54-gun battleship of the 4th rank “Poltava” was launched to water on the Day of the City on the 27th of May at Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. The construction of the replica of the battleship “Poltava” started in 2013 at the historical shipbuilding yard “Poltava”, founded by Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. When all the construction works are over, the ship will become a center of a large modern interactive museum complex, dedicated to the maritime history of Russia. Currently, there are no tours at the battleship Poltava because of the construction works and reconstruction of a harbor. 

The ship “Poltava” is the first battleship of the Baltic fleet.  The ship was named in honor of the victory of the Russian troops in the battle of Poltava. The Poltava was built at the Admiralty shipyard and floated out in 1712. Peter the Great himself took part in the design and construction of the ship. 




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