Marblehead 2020 is moved from Saint Petersburg to Portugal



Dear fellow Dragon sailors,


As you are aware, in 2019 the Marblehead Trophy was won by Dmitry Samokhin, representing Port Hercules Marina & St Petersburg Yacht Club.


Unfortunately, due to rescheduled construction works in the Marina of Port Hercules in St. Petersburg  it will not be possible to host such an important event on these premises in 2020. We have looked into other opportunities in St.Petersburg, but unfortunately they do not let us to organize a top level event.


In order to continue the momentum and keep high level of interest and also keep it maximum convenient for Dragon sailors  we asked Marblehead historical commission (USA) permission to move the Marblehead 2020 event to the Capable Planet Club Nautico of Vilamoura, Portugal, where it would be cohosted by Hercules Marina and Capable Planet Club Nautico of Vilamoura.


The permission was granted by a letter from Mr. Chris Johnston, Chairman

Of Marblehead Historical Commission, for the event to take place ‪on the 29th-31st of October‬, which allows for one rest day before the popular Grade 1 Portuguese Grand Prix, in Vilamoura, which in turn ‪begins on November 2nd.‬


‪We are very happy and grateful for the Donators of the Cup representatives understanding and would make all efforts needed to have a great MH Cup 2020.‬


‪We believe this would let us keep sailing Marblehead annually without missing a year, which would be very sad and damaging for Cup’s development. ‬


‪Also this option might make it easier and cheaper for sailors to participate, because many boats will be already traveling to Vilamoura for Grade 1 Finals.‬

‪ ‬

‪We are very sorry for possible inconvenience caused by this change of plans, but we trust that proposed measures would let us all have a great stand alone event and keep level of Marblehead at the desired height.‬


‪Vladimir Ikonnikov‬

‪President of Hercules Marina, St. Petersburg ‬


‪Dmitry Samokhin, cup defender‬


‪Nuno Reis‬

‪President of Capable Planets Club, Vilamoura



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Чемпионат России 2019 в классе Дракон выиграл экипаж Анатолия Логинова

Кубок Marblehead Trophy остается в Петербурге 

Команда Rocknrolla чемпион России в классе "Дракон"


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