Academy provides training in sailing to hundreds of young sportsmen from Saint Petersburg. The main areas of focus are:


  • Early training groups for children of 4-5 years old. Children learn cardinal direction, natural phenomena, while playing, they get familiar with s sailing yacht of “Malish” (Baby) class in a special swimming pool.


  • Sports groups for children aged 7 and older. Yachtsmen begin their way to real high-performance sport with “Optimist” class.


  • Training of sportsmen in national, international and Olympic yacht classes (“Raketa” (Rocket), “Luch” (Beam), “Laser”, 420, 470, 29er, 49er, 49FX, RS:X and other classes).


  • Sportsmen of the Academy participate in the largest championships within the framework of Russian and international races, where sportsmen gain unique experience.


  • Summer sports camp for students of Academy.


  • Nautical school for young people aged 10-16 years old, who love the sea and dream about it. They learn the history of fleet and how to construct boats with their own hands.