Historical shipbuilding and restoration are top priorities for Saint Petersburg Yacht Club. According to the initiative of Alexey Borisovich Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Management Committee of PJSC Gazprom, Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club established historical shipbuilding yard Poltava. It reconstructs the first large ship of the Russian navy for museum purposes, which was launched at the beginning of the 18th c. The dockyard has a Certificate of Compliance in wooden shipbuilding and it is the main dockyard, repairing big sailing ships of Russia, which is recognized by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.


In order to maintain and restore the fleet of classical yachts, navigating under the Russian flag, Saint Petersburg Yacht Club established a corresponding foundation – Foundation for Maintenance, Reconstruction and Restoration of historical ships and classical yachts.


The design office designed and constructed the frigate “Peter and Paul” on the New Holland Island and recreated the schooner “Zapad” (West) in Archangelsk. Over the past few years, it has repaired mast and spars of the training sailing ship “Chersonesus”, repaired mast and bowsprit of the sailing ship “Nadezhda” (Hope), restored decks and lifeboats of the cruiser “Aurora”. It is planned to repair the legendary sailing ship “Sedov” in the nearest future.


The shipbuilding yard has a strong team of unique experts, a design office, a worshop that sews sails for large sailing ships, carpenter’s workshop, foundry, mast and spars workshop, wood carving and ship furniture workshops.


 foundation-of-historical-boats.ru –Foundation for maintenance, reconstruction and restoration of historical ships and classical yachts.


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